New Avenues Of Employment In The Market

There are new demands in the job market and modern employees and entrepreneurs want to know how they can fill it. They want to disrupt the system and create new types of jobs that are exciting and flexible and fulfilling. This requires thinking outside the box and finding ways in which traditional education can fit into the new business landscape. Here are a few examples of how you can step away from the path and find new avenues of employment;

Using your personality as an asset

If you have a bubbly personality and work well with people you should look into working in customer relations. Companies are discovering how important the customer experience is for business so we are starting to see many openings for jobs of this nature. Especially in areas with “boring” customer experience such as banks are now creating positions such as relationship officers to liaison with their customers and do their banking jobsand providing them with a more personal customer experience.


Providing specialist know how 


Degrees like human resource management and law are very popular among student as they promise valuable skill sets that increase the employability of an individual. However hiring these skills can be very expensive on the part of small companies, and the competition for jobs in these fields can be very stiff. Up and coming companies may not have the necessary budget to hire dedicated HR or legal departments. This creates an opportunity for individuals to take on these companies as clients and to provide them with the necessary technical know how that way. It gives companies an opportunity to outsource the work that is essential but not directly related to their product or service such as recruitment company and litigation, while employing the best experts at an affordable price. It also gives you, as the service provider, an opportunity to provide your service for multiple companies and develop a lucrative practice for yourself.


The workplace of the 21st century

The internet is the workplace of the 21st Century with many opportunities for self employment for individuals with entrepreneurship opportunities. There is a trend among many millennial, of following this path and finding jobs online. This is because the internet has been a great source of bringing people together and connecting the demand for skills with those who are willing to supply it. Proximity is not an issue in this type ofworkplace and all you need is a computer, an internet connection and the patience and perseverance to find kind of work that suits you. It is also a great way of showcasing your talent and building a name for yourself.